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WLARP isn't an online game, it is a tool for augmenting existing LARP games. As such, it is intend to replace pen/pencil and paper first and foremost. Organization of character, back story, the world and the plot points are the goal for the user experience. The player is expected to use a mobile phone or possibly tablet as a replacement for the typical character sheets as-well-as potential real-time interactions and updates to the character, story line and world plot points could occur.

As an example, the LARP might have an “zombie infection” as a plot point but the character is unaware of such knowledge as to when-or-if they will become infected. Traditional Game Masters either have a 'reveal' moment during the game play at which such an event could occur with any particular player. In this augmented WLARP experience, the mobile device could update with such information from a connected cellular or WiFi network.

As this project progresses, details will continue to be refined and user experience should hopefully be more easier to understand.


The web page will be grouped into sections (grouping unknown at this time) covering the following LARP information:

  • Some sort of Summary view
  • Character (details, backstory, abilities, etc.)
  • Inventory
  • Objectives
  • World Status and possibly History
  • World Backstory
  • In-Game messaging (between players and game master)

Need discussion on what is what in detail once the WLARP experience is more fleshed out.

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